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Observed: URLs Gone Wild

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I thought it would be beneficial, even inspirational, to share with One Degree readers some of the more memorable places I’ve seen URLs advertised over the years.

Polyester, the Internet, and the Rise of McCool

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You may not have heard, but McDonald’s is in talks with some of the most influential purveyors of “hip” around – namely P. Diddy, Tom Hilfiger, and Russell Simmons to name a few – with the plan to re-envision their employee uniforms. All this to change their image from a “purveyor of fat to a phat icon” according to Ad Age. Sounds like a big order with an even bigger price tag, an estimated $80 million US.
This may be a good move to attract youth to flip burgers, but McDonald’s has missed the McBoat on where teens live and what they consider cool…