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Integrated Brands: A showcase of strategic communications

Where to find inspiring marketing?

Two decades ago if you needed inspiration you could leaf through any number of huge books that showed winners of the CLIOs, Golden Pencils, ADDYs, LIAAs and the Cannes International Advertising Festival. There you would see page after page of amazing ideas. What you discovered mattered because those were the days when advertising was at centre stage of marketing.  

Needless to say things have changed. Nowadays advertising is rarely the leading mode of communication – brands are being built in more varied and creative ways. Marketing campaigns give “wows” differently – and often in ways that are not recognized by the judges at awards shows.

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A Brand Discussion. Clint? Do you feel sloppy Punk? Well, do ya?

This has been really bugging me for a week.

As a back story, I am an avid golfer. I also get Golf Digest every month and in the recent issue was a full-page ad for Pebble Beach Resorts. Now, if you golf you know Pebble Beach. The Holy Grail of golf. The Vatican of Golf! Also I was with a company a while back that did the branding for PB. Kind of proud of that!

It is certainly on my bucket list for golf courses that I want to play. Not that I envision ever having the $500 US it takes to play the course, of course ONLY if you stay at the resort at – oh, call it $500 a night++.


Communicating Social Values Improves Brand

Fortune 500 companies have recognized significant benefits by successfully promoting civic virtues such as Sustainability, Community, Sponsorship, Charity, and Environment. Although benefits like improved brand integrity are intangible, they can have a significant impact on a company’s long-term success. Increase brand value by developing a communication plan for the organization’s social values.

What is Social Value Messaging?

Social Value Messaging demonstrates alignment of corporate goals with those of the organizations key stakeholders such as customers, employees, and partners. Social Value Messaging programs are not sunk costs, but rather, should be viewed as investments in corporate health.
Following are categories of Social Value Programs:


Branding Online – How Big Brands Fail To Capitalize With SEO

The new marketing presents many opportunities and challenges for brands to get in front of customers, but many of them have yet to use the web to its full marketing potential.

While social media has been getting most of the attention recently, and online advertising is used to some extent, most brands have sidestepped one area that’s said to provide the best ROI either due to not understanding how it works or it’s enormous potential.


Where have all the swords gone?

By Alistair Bruyns Back in the day brands would stand on the mountain top and shout their sole purpose for existing – the one compelling…

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