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Category: Branding

Brand vs Commodity

By Peter Mosley Recently on Linkedin in the Brand and Communication Management Group there was a lively discussion. By lively I mean 15 pages representing…


Strike up the bland!

By Peter Mosley From the Trendwatching site. Warning! If you are a marketer, a brand manager or an agency professional. This is a cautionary tale.…


Achieving Brand Consensus

By Jesse Hopps Successful branding, or re-branding, requires that key stakeholders are involved in a democratic process to agree on what the new brand will…


Branding Canada, Eh!

by Lynda Partner The best part about blogging is that it can be about opinions, unconstrained by the lack of context or data, just pure…


Meltdowns, Monitizaton and Monks. The week in review: Friday the 13th edition, February 2009

New Contributors This Week We have two new contributors this week:  Chris McGrath who brought us the Penn State intranet case study and Brad Grier…

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