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We’re Marketers. We Can’t Help Ourselves. Why CASL Exists.

By Derek Lackey Since the postponement on June 8th of the private right of action section of the CASL law, a number of clients have contacted me asking if they are now off the hook in terms of needing to be CASL compliant by July 1st. The simple answer is NO. The private of action is only one section of… Read more »

CASL – The Hierarchy of Email Consent

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By Derek Lackey Not All Email Consent is Equal Some forms of email consent are just better than others under our new CASL rules. What makes them better is: 1. the clarity of the opt-in. An Express Opt-in, presented with CASL compliant language and information is always an intentional act on the part of the person opting -in. There is no ambiguity…. Read more »

CASL – What Every Marketer Needs To Understand About CASL. Part 1 – The Basics

By Derek Lackey Let's begin with a few simple definitions as stated by the Canadian Government via the fightspam website (CASL) and the CRTC website. As there seems to be a lot of confusion out there, let's see if we can clear a few things up. If you are sending a CEM to an electronic address, then you need to comply with three… Read more »

Start-ups: What It Takes To Win Interview: John Ruffolo, CEO of Omers Ventures

By Derek Lackey Most successful start-ups have a few key elements in common.  Without them a start up will not likely be anything more than a lifestyle business – one that provides the owner a decent lifestyle. By definition a lifestyle business is not a start-up. What do we mean by ‘start-up’? It is a business built to grow exponentially…. Read more »

Fish Where the Fish Are

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 By Derek Lackey There's a lot of talk these days as to which media CMO's should be paying attention to. Is social media marketing better than email marketing or TV advertising or even direct mail? Advertising is about selling more product. Which media we use depends on WHAT we are selling to WHO. In this "fractured" marketplace we cannot simply hang… Read more »