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Category: Event Notes

The Gathering – Banff February 20, 2014 – 5 (ish) Questions with Chris Kneeland

We love "Big Ideas" at One Degree. When I heard about this event I wanted to know more, and wanted to share the details, the background and offer you, our readers, a chance to take in this great event. You will see a display ad to the right with an exclusive code to the One Degree readers for $200 off the conference ticket.

Here is the link and the code is GHT432.

Calgary-based engagement agency, Cult Collective, had a pretty bold idea: Create a secret circle of cult brands and invite them to a mountain hideaway to swap ideas and honour each other in ceremonious ritual.

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Interview with Stephen Henrik at Mobile Innovation Week

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Interview with Tim Bishop at Mobile Innovation Week

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Report from AdLounge’s Conversuasion Event

AdLounge Conversuation

Like many of my friends involved in interactive media, I find it hard sometimes to get an evening out.  In the hustle and bustle of it all, it is easy to lose sight of one thing: it is play we do.  We are lost without our sense of humour, our capacity for wonder, and our ability to entertain. 

For those of us who are enlisted to deliver messages that stir the listener to action, it is ever more important to recharge our creative resources.

This is why I find what AdLounge is doing with their events so interesting.  I previously attended Art from the Unexpected, and recently took in Conversuasion.

Like the first event, Conversuasion had a theme of play with purpose.  In other words, the event, while attended by some of the most influential members of the advertising community, manages to not take itself too seriously.  While heavy concepts are discussed concerning communicating stories in modern ways across varied media, this is done in a comfortable atmosphere.  Participants are encouraged to speak freely, in a comfortable setting, sharing their insights with those fortunate enough to be in attendance.

Conversuasion took place at the historic Arts and Letters building on Elm Street.  I used to work a stone's throw from there in one of the glass towers, and I've often wanted to see inside the building that was a favorite of the group of seven.  Now I had my chance.

Nestled inside, many portraits gazed from the walls towards me as I took my place in the audience.  But the focal point of the room was a comfy chair next to a crackling (digital) fire.  It was here the speakers, Colin Drummond, director with Crispin Porter and Bugusky, and Neil McOstrich, founding partner of Clean Sheet Communications, would sit to share their stories.

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