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Monitoring Your Brand Online

By Leona Hobbs If you’re going to participate in the social media space, monitoring for online mentions is the essential first step. Before you start building strategies and figuring out… Read more »

7 Things I Learned at the 2006 Digital Marketing Conference

Last week’s CMA 2006 Digital Marketing Conference was information-packed and very inspirational, and I’m not just saying that because I am a member of the Conference Committee! While I learned a lot more than just seven things at the Conference, there were a number of key points made by various speakers that really struck me…

If You Blog It, Will They Come?

Most of us by now have heard how blogs are search engine friendly and can supposedly pick up lots of traffic quite easily. Last month, I conducted a ‘top secret’ experiment to test this theory. Now it’s now time for me to unveil the results to you.