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Five Questions for Peter Mosley

I love to get the chance to rant and rave. I am not one for self promotion, and this is not posted here for that reason. There are several items in the article, kindly done and posted by Daniel Milstein, that have caused quite a bit of turmoil – comment-wise – in other places. So, I thought it appropriate to let y'all have a go here!

By the way, I bought and read Daniel's book – The ABC of Sales: Lessons from a Superstar. Very, very compelling read!

What challenges do you think businesses face when reaching out via social media these days?

There are several challenges that businesses face with regards to social media. If I may be so rude, and please accept my apologies, that I must point out that your question is an example. You do not "reach out" in SM, we are social by nature. You engage and you simply perform socially using whatever tools you choose. I am very proud of the fact that I was awarded the rights to use the material in the book The Cluetrain in a lot of my work. The Cluetrain is a must-read for anyone who goes online, especially if you are a business. It was, in fact, what the so-called Web 2.0 and The Social Web was built on. Not reading The Cluetrain is akin to trying to be a doctor without studying anatomy. Many of the challenges facing companies is that SM is still relatively new to most folks.

I personally have been involved in the online world since 1986 and dedicated to the social web since the late '90s. The immature nature of the SM practitioner's market leads most people to be skeptical, and rightly so. If you are relying on a Guru to lead you, you are in trouble. I do not believe I have met any Gurus in all my years. Sure, I have met a few experts, but no Gurus. To me, Gurus are in the same category as Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Also, it is not proven that any SM activity will provide a measurable ROI. It is certainly proven that SM can give a company a black eye – we've all seen that – but nothing I have seen can show the folks in the C suite what the returns are. Social behavior is what all companies should be engaging in, online and off. A cute quote I saw and Tweeted recently – @mose Best line: "The ROI of Social Media is that in 5 years your company will still exist." As well, if you do jump into SM and you are outsourcing your campaigns to a company or a so-called Guru, you are missing out on the organic nature of the activity. Meaning: It really isn't you, or your company, interacting with the folks. SM turns out to be very anti-Cluetrain at that point and that is highly ironic.

 When you’re helping a client market their product/brand/service, what do you look for most in order to accurately create a marketing plan for them?

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Five Questions – Monica Hamburg

We are honoured to have this "Social Media Diva" as one of our contributors, and graciously has daned to grace us with the answers to our "5 Questions."
So first question, Monica … what are you wearing?

Why does everyone ask me that? 😉
Just kidding …
#1 – You have settled into Vancouver, become a fixture, but your sensibilities and, certainly, your sense of humour is way more New York. Is that a challenge? Hell, do we Canadians get is at all?

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Five Questions with Casie Stewart

I noticed Casie Stewart some time ago on Twitter. Truthfully, it's pretty hard not to notice her. She is definitely a force-to-be-reckoned-with! Consummate Blogger, Twitter Maven and Gal about town.

5416_247848470206_501625206_8243663_2863754_n Her energy and her love of life jump out at you in the Blog-0-Shpere and Twitterverse. In the words of Marlin Perkins "Ok Jim lets go in for a closer look!" 

Five Questions with Casie Stewart

OD:  You have been on Twitter approx 3 1/2 years (1000 days) and have since that time amassed 47,000 updates, question is – can you keep up this staggering pace? 

CS: Yeah, I like a fast pace. The question is, can people keep up with ME!

OD: Did the appearance of Twitter actually shape who you are? 

CS: I’ve always been ‘who I am’: creative, unique, outgoing, organized, beautiful (haha I kid!)

OD: Or was it serendipitous? Ergo, was there something you did before Twitter that resembles what you are doing now?

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Five Questions with Sam Zipursky of

When I saw this new jobsite I was quite impressed. One of the things I am involved with is The Direct Marketing Association of Toronto. Our site has a very important section – the industry job postings. My close relationship to this offering has always made me interested in this industry.

As opposed to just passing along this find in a Tweet or a post, I wanted to get some of the background from the owners. Enjoy!

PM: When and where did the idea for come from? To explain we need to go back a bit. In 2009 my cousin/business partner Michael Zipursky and I started an online community for Canadian consultants and freelancers called Advicetap. Advicetap was a place where top Canadian consultants, freelancers, and small business owners could connect with each other, promote their skills, and search for job opportunities. Through word of mouth, blogging, and social media Advicetap was growing…but we didn’t feel it was fast enough – we needed a way to get the word out to a larger audience, that’s when Business Edge Magazine stepped in…

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Interview with Louise Clements – One Degree 5 Questions

As a professional marketer specializing in public relations, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with Louise Clements, the new SVP, Managing Director of the award-winning digital marketing agency, Twist Image. 

Twist Image develops strategies, campaigns and platforms that build and maintain your brand online. The agency has 100 original thinkers in offices in Montreal and Toronto and is known throughout the industry for Six Pixels of Separation, its forward-thinking blog, podcast and best-selling book.

Louise Clements recently joined Twist Image after leaving Facebook as Head of Sales for Canada.  Louise has an extensive background in digital marketing including senior positions managing the digital properties of Rogers Media, AOL, Sympatico and Bell Globemedia.

I asked her 5 questions about her new position and thoughts on digital marketing. Enjoy!