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Category: Industry News

In the news … November 6, 2018

Leveraging mobile for business success Police officers use smartphones to capture and share evidence. Doctors review medical records by scanning patient wristbands. Transportation carriers receive…

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In the news … November 5, 2018

Google employees around the world walk out to protest sexism, inequality Hundreds of Google engineers and other company workers worldwide — including in Canada —…

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In the news … November 2, 2018

Bosses’ public blunders BUSINESS IS ABOUT dealing with uncertainty but for many bosses the most unpredictable thing is what happens when they open their mouths.…

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In the news … November 1, 2018

Advertisement Petition calls for Halloween to be moved to different day As little ghoulish ghosts and cackling witches prepare to take to the streets in…

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In the news … October 31, 2018

PAPER AND THE CASE FOR GOING LOW-TECH IN THE VOTING BOOTH IN SEPTEMBER 2017, barely two months before Virginians went to the polls to pick…

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