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MobileMonday Toronto Launches

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Last week I failed to mention that Alex Bosika and Jim Brown’s MobileMondayToronto had its official launch last week. Here’s the announcement…

CMA National Convention Wrap-Up

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The theme of this year’s CMA Conference was “Next:” – with the core message being, “what do marketers need to be on the look-out for.” In a nutshell, the traditional model is not working anymore. Consumers are much more powerful than marketers and they are marketing to each other. We need to wake up to this and get in on the conversation. Here are my (somewhat biased) highlights from this year’s show…

Mesh Conference Highlights

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I was lucky enough to attend the Mesh Conference earlier this week. Here are some of my highlights from this Web 2.0 conference held in Toronto to a sold-out audience.

You Hit Mesh, I’ll Cover The CMA

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This is a big week for Internet marketing in Canada, what with the sold out Mesh Conference in Toronto and the CMA’s “Next” Convention in Montreal…

The Bottom-up Marketing Of Mesh

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The instigators of upstart the upcoming “mesh” web 2.0 conference in Toronto have a $0 advertising budget but have done an amazing job getting bums in seats. All five have now chimed in with their own unique takes on the bottom-up marketing they’ve used…