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Email Is Dead, Long Live Email. Let Us Know Your View

Sometime ago, I took issue with Ken Schafer (and Seth Godin for that matter) when they were reporting the death of email was a foregone conclusion. The truth of the matter is that it is not dead – or as Mark Twain once said "the report of my death was an exaggeration". Yet, the debate continues in terms of the role email will play in the future. 

We have to remain strategically sober to the fact that as the "net generation" becomes more prominent, email will likely be discarded as their parent’s technology. In due time we are sure to see instant messaging, RSS and other tools rule the day as primary communication vehicles.
Now contrast that with a recent study by New York-based Datran that asked U.S marketers to choose the most important media channel they plan to use in 2007.  An astounding 83% of U.S. marketers picked email citing the ability of email to drive incremental revenue, reinforce the brand position and improve customer loyalty.

Jen Evans wrote a great post on the state-of-email that I thought was bang-on the issues.  She touched on many great points both pro and con.  In my work, I have personally seen the direct impact of a well planned email strategy and know it is a highly effective tool when used properly to develop a dialogue and nurture relationships. And, it is also holds camp as an impressive ROI machine if you manage to harness its potential.


5 Questions For Ken Schafer, Tucows & One Degree

Ideas, connectivity and community. Those elements are the essence of One Degree.
When Ken me to Five Questions about a year ago, I was honored to be included on the list. I was the eighth person to be interviewed, only four removed from marketing guru Seth Godin . (That’s is likely as close to 15 minutes of fame as I will probably get.) The roster of individuals for Five Questions has become a who’s who of the digital industry – a huge accomplishment in just over a year.
But there is a glaring omission on the list. It dawned on me that no one has interviewed Ken Schafer. So, after becoming a One Degree contributor myself recently, I told Ken that my next contribution would involve rallying up five industry leaders (also One Degree contributors) and turn the table on him – interviewing the brains behind it all.
So, without further adieu, here are Five Questions for Ken Schafer, one each asked in order by Michael Seaton, Kate Trgovac , Sulemaan Ahmed , Mitch Joel Bill Sweetman .

Seaton: “Ken, what are two major changes you have witnessed in the digital world since launching One Degree that you believe will change marketing forever, and why?
Two major changes in the last 18 months, huh? I know online marketing changes fast, but I’m not sure it changes _that_ fast. 🙂
The two things that weren’t on my radar a year ago were the importance of social media sites and video.
18 months ago when we launched I would have cited “LinkedIn”: and “Flickr”: as my prime examples of social networking. But the concept has now exploded and we’re seeing community, communication, colloboration, and shared wisdom flowering all over the place. I’ve been expecting this for ages but now that the “hive mind” is starting to emerge it is truly exciting.
Video has been on the Net for ages of course but the ascendence of “YouTube”:, “Google Video”: and video content via “iTunes”: has reshaped the online landscape this year in ways I wouldn’t have expected.
My guess is that we’re seeing an acceleration in adoption of new services and business models that will make business that much harder. How do we keep up when sites go from not existing to the top ten most trafficked on the net in a year or two?
Trgovac: “What is your career-planning advice for a high school grad that comes to you and says “I want to get into marketing.”

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