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Measuring the real impact of display advertising

By Harmit Kamboe Hypothesis: Having maxed out the search budget for a client, I reluctantly decided to try out a small display network test. My expectation was that the overall Cost per Acquisition/Order would be much higher than “search” but the overall blended online cost per acquisition would be within the realm of “acceptable”. Results In order to test on… Read more »

What You Should Know About Local Online Marketing

By Mario Parisé For all the opportunities the Web has created for businesses to go global, often unappreciated opportunities lie at the local level. In this article, we'll take a look at three practical opportunities that you can leverage right now.  No fluff.  No false promises.  Just three actionable items you can use to grow your business at a local… Read more »

IAB Releases 2008 Online Ad Revenue Report – Final Number – US$23.4 Billion

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Early last week, the Interactive Advertising Bureau in the US released their final internet advertising revenue numbers for 2008. It seems that despite a difficult U.S. economy, interactive advertising’s continued growth, albeit at a slower pace, confirms marketers' increased recognition of the medium’s value in reaching consumers online where they are spending more and more of their time. Full-year 2008… Read more »

Motrin Mom Video Mishap

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By Rebecca Bollwitt A few days ago the makers of pain-reliever Motrin (Johnson & Johnson) launched a commercial campaign that annoyed and outraged mothers around the world. "That couldn’t have been written by a mother," noted my sister, Jennifer. "The speak about how carrying your baby around is in fashion, but it’s certainly not a passing fad nor a fashion… Read more »

The “Rights Stuff” Key to the Future of Online Ads

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by Mark Sherman While the interactive revolution is here, the effective use of iconic media content on the web remains in its adolescence. Over the past decade, we’ve seen the type of content used in online ad campaigns rapidly evolve from mostly static copy with a few graphics or images, to include more dynamic media such as flash animation and… Read more »