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Sales – A Wake Up Call: Part 2

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by Pete (the mose) Mosley In the last instalment of this article,  I started with a preamble to selling and how it will be the saviour in this econolypse. I have been fortunate to have been a salesman, to have run companies as a CEO and Board Member and to have been a marketer. The following are my "To Dos"… Read more »

Sales – A Wake Up Call: Part 1

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by Pete (the mose) Mosley Well, as we are knee deep in the “ECONOCLYPSE”, I just may have the solution for you. It stems from something I have been noticing for years. We can’t sell. Full stop. I can list dozens of alleged sales contacts I have had over the last few months alone, with seemingly professional sales folks who,… Read more »

Son of Tweets and Twits – Part Deux — The Sequel

by Pete (the mose) Mosley Well this did it for me. I have been on Twitter – I guess since about Day One. Real early. Never really saw the value. Now I definitely don't. Neither do any of you Canucks out there by the looks of it. There are two Canadians in the Top 100 – A cute broadcasting… Read more »

Tweets and Twits

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by Pete (the mose) Mosley I just read a FaceBook post by Mitch Joel. Mitch Joel: This sudden rash of bad marketing offers in reply emails when you start to follow certain people on Twitter is pretty sad (and bad). I replied to Mitch and agree completely … Pete Mosley:  Watching all this Twittering is like a seeing a human… Read more »

Playing for Change – The Mose’s 2008 Favourite Thing

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by Pete (The Mose) Mosley It must have either been, a horrible news year, or simply a year we would really all like to forget – I can't figure it out. I can tell you that it went awfully damn quick. Thank (Insert personal God-like-thing of your choice.) Now, as a referent point, I spend most of my time Ranting… Read more »