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Category: Peter Mosley

How understanding these hidden elements could be the key to effective communication

Tanja Heffner at Unsplash When it comes to effective communication, speaker and listener both share equally in the responsibility of communicating. Communication is a two-way…

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Sun Tzu’s legendary Principles of War – Applied to Business

  When you think of Sun Tzu and the Art of War, what comes to mind? Do you think 6th-century warriors, battlefields and an epic…

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You shoot, you score! Why you should make goal setting a priority!

I strongly believe you can’t manage people, you can only manage their commitments. One way to do this – for yourself or others – is…

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Hone these soft skills to give yourself a competitive advantage in business – and life

  Have you ever noticed that certain people always seem to have an “edge”? They might not be the smartest, the richest or any of…

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