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What to say when you’re asked to work for free

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As a one-time professional musician (Now retired.) and someone who has run small companies this article in today's Toronto Star needed to be spread. Great thinking! Here is the guts of the article.  By: Rhonda Abrams Special to The Star, Published on Tue Nov 19 2013 If you own a small business or are self-employed, sooner or later you will be asked to… Read more »

Funding Sources

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( I was asked today to feature this article – enjoy. ) I was at an ONEIA breakfast this morning where KPMG and IRAP made presentations. The focus was on SR&ED and IRAP funding. All of you probably know about the The OMDC but in case you didn't, follow the links above for some interesting information. In addition here is a… Read more »

Social Media – Just a quick thought. (And some tips!)

I am on holidays. Wooot! Yay! And all that! However, I do still have to look after my clients. Plus I am finishing up the content for a Social Media workshop I am conducting next month for the Scala Network – these things have prompted this post. The "Gurus" of Social media have muddied the water a wee bit. The… Read more »

Social media commentary (Avec video!)

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By Peter Mosley Recent events have caused me to think about this social web of ours. On the dark side are cruel stories of bullying and the resulting suicides of several young people. Very bad. And I refuse to discuss them here – enough ink has been splashed trying to make sense of all these events. On the bright side… Read more »

Why you suck at Presenting. And how to stop it!

By Peter Mosley Have a gander at this before you read this post … Welcome back! I have stood by that theory of presenting for decades. Why? Because it works. Guaranteed! In the last few months I have again seen dozens of presentations and there wasn't a single one of them that I would say moved me, made me want… Read more »