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Category: Peter Mosley

Planning – Back to Basics

To be a true service directed and quality-oriented organization, you should recognize that people and companies: “Can and do expect to get things right.” “Can…

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Let’s have another meeting!!!  (Said no one ever.)

I have tried to avoid meetings as much as possible. My thinking stems from an article I was shown in the late 70s from the…

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Some Advice You Will Thank Me For Later!

The following are observations that, in my forty-plus years in business, most at senior executive levels, are true. And, more importantly, are elegant and simple…

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The Brand

Recently on Linkedin in the Brand and Communication Management Group, there was a lively discussion. By lively I mean 15 pages representing 265 comments. There…

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Four Things Managers Should Know

 tip #1 When someone tells you how to run your business – you will go out of business Never let the lawyers, accountants or consultants (and…

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