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Category: Privacy Issues

The Worst Data Breaches Of 2018 So Far

The past decade has seen an unprecedented increase in data breaches. In 2017, up to 1,579 incidents that exposed over 174 million records were recorded.…

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Why Cybersecurity Training is Crucial for your Business (Infographic)

The greatest threat to your business cybersecurity is, contrary to what you would expect, internal. We are not talking about spies or infiltrated competitor agents. The real threat you should consider is your trusted…

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We’re Marketers. We Can’t Help Ourselves. Why CASL Exists.

By Derek Lackey Since the postponement on June 8th of the private right of action section of the CASL law, a number of clients have…

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SOPA, PIPA and The End of the Internet

By Peter Mosley

Having read and dug into some of the commentary on these new laws that the USofA are wanting to pass, I am just not sure where this is all going? I know where I would like to see it go …

I look upon the Internet as an open medium. I look upon the Internet as a tool and that medium that can connect you and me. You at one end, me at the other. I have long believed that the more stuff (Throbbing gristle and jumping bunnies!) that gets in the way of that simple concept, the more we see the degradation of the experience. I have said this before, I know I sound like some sort of luddite, but I will not watch TV. I do not have one. I am very aware of the power of video, but I prefer not to watch it online. I can read, just fine, thanks.

I also will not stay on a site that flashes like a bad Vegas Street, blasts up interstitials, nor has so much crap going on I am distracted to the point of … well, I just do not care anymore about what I was going there for?  One reason I have fallen in love with Clearly by Evernote BTW! (If you are like me – you will love this!) I personally want great content from my Net. And, that content is 90% utilities and tools. I do not want the Net to be cheap TV. The more the Net is like TV, the less we need it. I also do not want YouTube to be my personal Jukebox.


Canada Passes Anti-Spam and Anti-Spyware Law

By Peter Mosley Here is an in-depth review of Canada's new Anti-Spam and Anti-Spyware legislation of one of the top legal experts on technology in…

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