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We’re Marketers. We Can’t Help Ourselves. Why CASL Exists.

By Derek Lackey Since the postponement on June 8th of the private right of action section of the CASL law, a number of clients have contacted me asking if they are now off the hook in terms of needing to be CASL compliant by July 1st. The simple answer is NO. The private of action is only one section of… Read more »

SOPA, PIPA and The End of the Internet

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By Peter Mosley Having read and dug into some of the commentary on these new laws that the USofA are wanting to pass, I am just not sure where this is all going? I know where I would like to see it go … I look upon the Internet as an open medium. I look upon the Internet as a… Read more »

Canada Passes Anti-Spam and Anti-Spyware Law

By Peter Mosley Here is an in-depth review of Canada's new Anti-Spam and Anti-Spyware legislation of one of the top legal experts on technology in Canada – Barry Sookman. Organizations that conduct business online should start preparing for Canada’s new anti-spam and anti-spyware legislation, which was passed in mid-December and is expected to come into force later this year.1 As… Read more »


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With all the hubbub about the Facebook privacy issues and "Quit Facebook Day," personally, I thought it was Kilt Facebook Day – I really got silly looks at meetings I tell ya! Anyway, I asked one of my favorite writers to give us his thoughts on privacy. – If you do not currently follow Mark, do yourself a favor and… Read more »

Social Networking and The Key To Anne’s Diary…Biometrics

By Sonia Carreno I had a great chat this week with Emily Want, CEO of Anne’s Diary.  A subsidiary of Logica Holdings Group, the site launched in November and quickly gained the valuable reputation of becoming one of the Internet’s "super-safest social networks". Inspired by one of Canada’s cultural literary gems, Anne of Green Gables, it’s not hard to see… Read more »