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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

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You might have heard a lot about how having a website is great, and be considering getting one yourself, but you’re wondering if you really need it, is it worth the hassle, won’t it cost a lot or take a lot of time to set up and maintain? Well, it really couldn’t be easier or cheaper, and almost anyone can… Read more »

Designing for the Web in 2010 & What to expect in 2011 (PART ONE)

(Guest Post from Brandon Gasner) Brandon Gasner  Today we (designers) are faced with a reoccurring dilemma when designing websites, and that is “What resolution should we be designing for?” Before I answer this question with my personal opinion, and some data to back it up, I’d like to take a look back to 1996. 1996 was the year Photoshop 4.0… Read more »

Steve Jobs Makes Us Re-think Web Design

By Jon Cogan Apple recently announced that they have absolutely no plans to enable Flash content on iPhones, iPods or iPads and this has made everyone in our business re-think the utilization of Flash in web content. But the more conventional wisdom would be to think multi-platform. Think inclusive rather than exclusive. What this announcement really brings home is the… Read more »

Build an RFP for Web Design Services

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By Jesse Hopps Many mid-sized organizations are in the process of redesigning their website, but few have the required capabilities to design their website internally. Use this research note to understand the benefits that web design consultants can deliver. Additionally, use Demand Metric’s downloadable Website Design RFP Template to compare vendors systematically based on pre-determined requirements. Website Design Consulting Benefits:… Read more »

Interview with Jennifer Slegg of at SES Toronto 2009

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By Bart Molenda and An Nguyen We interviewed Jennifer Slegg of at Search Engine Strategies Toronto. We discussed when to start thinking about the monetization of your site and some of the options there are to consider when choosing monetization vehicles for your content.