In the news … September 17, 2018

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17 Social Media Design Templates For Every Network

Looking to take your social media game to the next level with fresh, creative visuals? You’ve come to the right place. This collection of free social media design templates, created with design tool Adobe Spark, makes it easy to add custom branded visuals to posts on any of the major social networks.


9 Reasons CEOs Should Hire Introverts, Not Extroverts

If I were to ask a hundred CEOs to define their ideal employee, I think I’d probably hear something like:

Somebody who’s creative, reliable, takes feedback well, is easily motivated, handles deadlines well, works well with others (collaborates), and is well spoken and ethical.

Well, it turns out that, according to decades of academic research, introverts are more likely than extroverts to have those characteristics:


How The Children Of Working Moms Feel About Them Now

Working mothers are experiencing something of a heyday right now. One recent study from Harvard found that daughters who had working mothers grew up to accomplish more at work, earn more money and climb higher on the corporate ladder than the daughters of stay-at-home moms.


Why personal agency matters more than personal data

When Archimedes said “Give me a place to stand and I can move the world, he was talking about agency. You have no agency on the Web if you are always the second party, agreeing to terms and policies set by websites. You are Archimedes if you are the first party, setting your own terms and policies. The scale you get with that is One 2 World. The place you stand is on the Web itself — and the Internet below it. Both were designed to give each of us whole-world leverage. We forgot that when we launched Web 1.0 and 2.0. Let’s make Web 3.0 the one that works for each of us, and not just for the sites of the world and their personal data grabbing partners.




How responsible are you?

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managementAny organization would be well served by adopting a people-driven marketing program and adopting a “Responsible Manager” ideology.

A Responsible Manager is effective without the excessive stress experienced by managers who are “Achievement Managers”. They provide feedback to employees by praising their positive performance and providing constructive feedback for negative performance. The basic management philosophy is that people are productive and creative individuals who do not need manipulation or over protection. It is important to resist the idea that people are incompetent or lazy (Identified by self-protected management styles.) or powerless and trapped (Identified by unconscious management styles.). The Responsible Manager has equal concern for both the staff’s productivity and their needs. The mission of Responsible Management is to operate through employee involvement through delegation, participation and team building.

The “Responsible Manager” has been described by Abraham Maslow as a “Self-actualized Person”; by Carl Rogers as a “Fully-functioning Person”; by Erich Fromm as an “Individuated Person”; by Eric Berne as a “Winner”.

People at this level of functioning show a high level of adaptability, flexibility and creativity. In short, they are very mature, positive about themselves and about others. They have a win/win outlook and approach to others. The ultimate goal in any organization is to have as many people operating on this level as possible.

The role of the manager is difficult to define. Every manager’s job is unique. Regardless of the titles, the management position has one important common denominator – all managers require the basic need to work with and through other people.

A Responsible Manager displays the following traits:

A strong self-image.
–  Self-knowledge
–  Self-confidence
–  Emotional maturity

Positive attitudes.
–  Ability to see the big picture
–  Willingness to confront problems
–  Practical judgment
–  Goals directed
–  Openness to growth opportunities

Leadership skills.
–  Ability to motivate without relying on authority or power
–  Ability to motivate myself

Success behaviors and habits.
–  Decisive
–  Proactive, responsible
–  Ability to plan & organize
–  Effective time management

Are you are Responsible Manager?

In the news … September 14, 2018

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Avoiding Ratting – Remote Access Trojans

You use your computer or mobile device for many everyday private or confidential tasks, which is why it is essential to take precautions to protect it from viruses and spyware. One type of spyware becoming increasingly common is known as a RAT (Remote Access Trojan), which criminals can use to access your computer or mobile device to take control of it to obtain your private information or spy on you. This is known as ratting.


7 keys to transformational outsourcing success

With digital transformation all but mandatory across industries today, that innovation imperative is impacting every part of IT, including its outsourcing engagements. However, many CIOs are struggling to integrate third-party IT services deals into their long-term business strategies. Indeed, a recent Everest Group survey found that 61 percent of enterprises pursuing digital transformation were dissatisfied with their service providers.


In the news … September 13, 2018

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Apple Website Leaks iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and Colour/Capacity Options

Hours before Apple is set to announce on stage its new iPhones, a leak on the company’s website has spoiled what may be coming today.

According to AllThingsHow (via MacRumors), Apple’s product XML sitemap has revealed what’s going to be available today. The sitemap has since been pulled but you can download the old version here.


Driving digital strategy at Agero

Coming to an unexpected halt can make drivers tense, frustrated, and scared — whether the mechanical failure occurs on a rural avenue or a busy interstate. Agero, a Massachusetts-based provider of connected vehicle, roadside assistance and accident and claims management services, responds to more than 12 million such incidents annually.


How Alibaba Is Leading Digital Innovation in China

Ming Zeng, the chief strategy officer at Alibaba, talks about how the China-based e-commerce company was able to create the biggest online shopping site in the world. He credits Alibaba’s retail and distribution juggernaut to leveraging automation, algorithms, and networks to better serve customers. And he says in the future, successful digital companies will use technologies such as artificial intelligence, the mobile internet, and cloud computing to redefine how value is created. Zeng is the author of Smart Business: What Alibaba’s Success Reveals about the Future of Strategy.


In the news … September 12, 2018

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Five digital projects changing lives around the world

The first city in Canada to develop and implement a digital strategy, Vancouver continually aims to improve the ways in which

“Our across the organisation have delivered value and benefits to residents, staff, businesses and visitors,” says Jessie Adcock, City of Vancouver chief technology officer.


Top 5 Tools of 2018 to Rock Your Digital Strategy

The rapid growth of digital marketing has changed the way companies reach consumers. Powerful social media marketing, email campaign tools, and advanced ROI analytics are now available to anyone who wants to expand their brand. However, small businesses are far less likely to have the team and background necessary to fully utilize these marketing innovations. In response, a growing number of services has sprung up to target that niche, providing robust, easy-to-use solutions that cover a wide range of needs. Here are the top 5 tools we’ve found to rock your digital strategy in 2018.


How to ensure digital strategy is aligned with brand strategy

Most marketers today are well-versed in digital tactics, but when it comes to connecting those tactics to broader brand strategy, many are a bit lost. Fortunately, ensuring digital activation is consistent with the brand strategy it’s intended to serve is a simple – but important – task.


‘Nicoles’ strike up friendship after man emails more than 240 women with same name at Calgary University

He met her at a bar, but she only gave him her first name — Nicole — and the wrong number.

But Carlos Zetina wasn’t deterred, and decided to try to track down his missed connection. On Friday he wrote an email with the subject line “Met you last night and you gave me the wrong number,” and sent it to every Nicole, Nicky, Nikki, Nicolette and even Nik at the University of Calgary — all 246 of them, he says.