In the news … June 8, 2018

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Driving digital strategy in schools

A simple question to start; can you tell me, briefly, why a digital strategy is so important for schools?

We see a requirement for digital strategy in two places.

Firstly on an institutional level: schools must buy technology to fulfil concrete pedagogical objectives, otherwise the tech won’t be used and initiatives will fail. Institutional strategies should not dictate the amount of equipment needed, but should clearly show how technology can be used to improve teaching and learning.

The second need for strategy is at a broader level: from government. At the moment, there is a lack of coherent UK-wide digital strategy for educators. Guidance is fragmented, and teachers often report a lack of independent information to help them when procuring classroom technology. A coherent digital strategy from government will help educators make informed decisions in technology purchasing and, post-implementation, can help them ensure ROI on their investment.


Government of Canada launches review of Telecommunications and Broadcasting Acts

New technology, like streaming services, has changed the way that Canadians connect with each other, do business and discover, access and consume content. Now more than ever, Canadians go online. To keep up with these changes we must modernize our legislative framework so that Canadian artists, artisans, businesses, consumers and broadcasters can adapt and thrive in a changing environment.

As committed to in Budget 2017, the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, and the Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, today announced the launch of a review of the Broadcasting Act and the Telecommunications Act. The Radiocommunication Act will also be reviewed.


Liberals set to ask expert panel to look at ways to regulate online streaming services

The country’s rules around broadcasting and telecommunications are set to undergo a sweeping review as the Liberals look to cut the price of mobile phone plans and force streaming services to lend more help to Canadian content.

An expert panel will have the next year and a half to help modernize the country’s broadcasting regulations to respond to growing concerns about an uneven playing field between domestic providers and online streaming giants like Netflix and Spotify.


Project Management Takes On New Importance In A Digital Era

Key to any successful digital initiative is solid project management practices, as today’s projects are more complex, technologies are ever-changing, and stakeholders want results more quickly than ever.

On average, 71 percent of projects of so-called “innovator” organizations are risk-tolerant and have made disruptive technologies a priority and met their business goals, according to a newly released report, Maximizing the Benefits of Disruptive Technologies on Projects from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

The PMI defines innovators as organizations with a mature digital transformation strategy. That’s compared to 60 percent of “laggards,” organizations that are risk-averse, have an immature digital strategy and put digital transformations low on the priority list, the survey finds.


Best Buy Canada School Tech Grant program awards elementary schools with funding for new tech

Best Buy Canada is proud to announce that 13 elementary schools across the country have been selected to receive funding of up to $10,000 each through the Best Buy School Tech Grant program.

The recipient schools will use these grants to motivate and engage their students with the latest in computer and digital technology. The tech upgrades will support initiatives such as makerspaces, virtual reality field trips, tech for children at-risk, and even a digital media program.

“Every year, we are overwhelmed with the number of quality applications we receive from teachers and principals across the country,” said Karen Arsenault, Best Buy Canada’s Community Investment Manager. “We know how technology transforms the learning experience and we’re thrilled to be able to provide innovative resources to more schools across Canada to help students prepare for their future.”



In the news … June 7, 2018

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Apple previews all-new Mac App Store

Alongside macOS Mojave, Apple is previewing an all-new Mac App Store featuring a new look and rich editorial content that will make it easier than ever to find great Mac apps. Like the iOS App Store, which was redesigned last year, the new Mac App Store celebrates apps, games and developers with an all-new Discover tab featuring compelling stories, in-depth interviews, helpful tips, collections of must-have apps and more. Users can also explore new Create, Work, Play and Develop tabs to find the perfect app for a specific project or purpose — from music, video and photography apps to business utilities and games.


 Have a website, make sure it’s optimized for smartphones, be active on social media – most small and medium-sized businesses are by now at least aware of these table stakes when it comes to playing the e-commerce game.

In the news … June 6, 2018

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Redefining the role of the Chief Digital Officer

The modern business world is replete with initialisms, and these seem to be growing at the C-suite level. A new role is the Chief Digital Officer and even this relative new position is in a state of change.

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Google’s decision to ban all bitcoin and cryptocurrency adverts on its platforms is ill-thought-out and potentially even unethical, according to industry experts.

The new policy, which comes into effect this month, follows similar bans from Facebook and Twitter.


Google Photos is the next big Google service to get a Progressive Web App

Google Photos is the latest Google service to get a Progressive Web App version. It’s following in the footsteps of Google Maps Go, which got its own lightweight web app last December, via Android Police.

To set up the Photos Progressive Web App, go to the Google Photos site where you can now add it to your home screen on Android or desktop (assuming you’re using Chrome, of course).


The Balancing Act of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

For most global companies, it’s no longer a question of whether they should engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, but how central to their business model those activities should be. Given increasing evidence that corporate social engagement can boost the bottom line, the thinking about CSR now informs such critical business functions as stakeholder relations, innovation strategy, and customer outreach.




In the news … June 5, 2018

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Google quits selling tablets (Update: Just a bug)

pdate: Apparently it was just a bug that utterly erased tablets off Google’s Android sites in many languages and localities (I couldn’t check them all), and the tablet section has now returned. False alarm! But don’t be surprised when it happens for real some time soon.

Google has quietly crept out of the tablet business, removing the “tablets” heading from its Android page. Perhaps it hoped no one would notice on a Friday and by Monday it would be old news, but Android Police caught them in the act. It was there yesterday, but it’s gone today.


CRTC report calls for action to strengthen Canadian culture

OTTAWA, May 31, 2018 /CNW/ – The union representing 12,000 Canadian journalists and media workers has endorsed the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s call for a “bold and judicious” overhaul of federal media regulation.

“The new CRTC chair’s call for equitable contributions from all industry participants—whether online, cable, ISP, foreign or domestic—is a big step in the right direction,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President. “If Netflix, Google and Facebook and all the other American giants don’t have to reinvest their Canadian profits in Canadian shows and local news, our cultural identity will be in big trouble.”


Green Shield Canada Launches Digital Health Strategy to Support Mental Health

TORONTO, May 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a first for Canadian health benefits plans, digital, evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) will be offered alongside traditional prescription drug plans and psychotherapy services. Approximately 1.5 million Green Shield Canada (GSC) plan members and their dependents will now be able to use their coverage for modern mental health services with immediate access and in a format most convenient to them.

GSC has been seeking ways to help chip away at some common barriers that prevent plan members from getting the mental health treatment they need, namely access, cost, and a lack of evidence-based, quality counselling options. GSC’s annual health trends studies have demonstrated the tendency for physicians to prescribe antidepressants as first-line therapy for mild to moderate depression with very poor patient adherence scores in the aftermath. And when physicians do turn to community-based counselling options, there may be long wait lists and/or no assurance that quality, evidence-based care will be offered.


Apple Needs to Play Nice with Spotify

With WWDC a couple of days out, we’re coming up on one year since Apple  first showed off its glitzy answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers. It took more than 8 months from then for the HomePod to finally hit shelves, and it took up until a couple of days ago for all the promised functionality to arrive.

Four months since launch, it’s clear Apple delivered some awesome hardware, but there are plenty of features I want to see the HomePod pick up when Apple comes to the stage at its annual developer conference to talk iOS 12. For all the criticisms levied against the device, the most weighty has been the fact that there isn’t even a vague reason to consider buying the speaker unless you are an Apple Music subscriber. For Apple Watch users who want to listen to non-Apple Music tunes the same is true to a lesser degree.


In the news … June 4, 2018

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Removing Trending From Facebook

We’re removing Trending soon to make way for future news experiences on Facebook. We introduced Trending in 2014 as a way to help people discover news topics that were popular across the Facebook community. However, it was only available in five countries and accounted for less than 1.5% of clicks to news publishers on average. From research we found that over time people found the product to be less and less useful. We will remove Trending from Facebook next week and we will also remove products and third-party partner integrations that rely on the Trends API.


StumbleUpon closing after 16 years, accounts can be migrated to Mix

StumbleUpon co-founder, Garrett Camp, has announced that the project is coming to an end 16 and half years after its launch in 2001. Camp is now recommending that StumbleUpon users migrate their accounts over to another of his projects,, which he says incorporates the lessons learned from StumbleUpon “to take content discovery to the next level.”


Signing Away Our Lives on Facebook

When British Columbia resident Deborah Douez signed up for a Facebook account, she didn’t expect that she’d end up going to court against the social-media giant. In 2012, she was told by a friend that her name and photo were showing up in Facebook ads promoting a company that sponsors competitive obstacle mud races, and the friend was wondering if Douez was working for that company.


Mary Meeker’s 2018 internet trends report: All the slides, plus analysis

It’s that time of year again, when Mary Meeker unloads her highly anticipated internet trends report for the Code Conference crowd in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. This year, the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner released 294 slides in rapid succession, covering everything from smartphone behavior in the U.S. to tech company competition in China.