No More “Open Rate”: Anti-Spam Task Force

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I’ve just taken a preliminary read of the report from the Anti-Spam Task Force, Stopping Spam, Creating a Stronger, Safer Internet. Lots to sift through here still, but 2 things jump out at me.
1. Recommendation that marketers stop trying to use “open rates” as a measurement, as it requires the use of hidden html or return receipts, which email programs are starting to disallow anyway. ‘Open rate’ has never been a very accurate measurement, but one we’ll all still have trouble letting go of…
2. There is a lot of onus placed on the ISP for blocking and filtering mail, in my opinion without adequate measures to identify “legitimate” email. WAIT A MINUTE!! [consumer hat is definitely on] I’m already having problems ensuring I actually get all my email in the first place and was bugging my ISP just last week about blocked personal email. As an email user and consumer, how am I going to be GUARANTEED I get all my email? Time to channel my frustration into some creative thinking on this problem… stay tuned, you can bet there will be more to come…

Filtered: Links for May 18, 2005

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Here are your pre-filtered online marketing links for May 18 2005
* “Canada Newswire – The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada Sets Blistering Pace in Q1, 2005”:
* “Newsgator – NewsGator Technologies Acquires FeedDemon”:
* “The RSSblog – Google Launches AdSense for Feeds w/ Startling Conditions”:
* “Michael Geist – Spam Task Force Delivers Report to Government”:
* “Marketing Vox – IAB Issues Broadband Video Ad Guidelines”:

Mitch Joel Becomes Latest One Degree Contributor

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Man, you have to hate it when you get “out-scooped about your own site”:
“Mitch Joel”: and I took our mutual admiration society offline and met face-to-face at the end of Day One of the CMA convention. Joel’s agreed to join us as a Contributor and should be on board very soon.
By scooping us he’s already shown that he’s a worthy addition to the team. And it will be nice to have someone on board who really gets the Montreal scene. Now we need someone in Vancouver…

Can’t Knock Knock Knock

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Seth Godin’s latest ebook is called “KNOCK KNOCK, Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site That Works”: For less than ten bucks it is most definitely the deal of the day. Go, buy it now.
In the “CMA E-marketing Certificate course”: I teach here in Toronto we use Michael Porter’s Harvard Business Review article “The Internet and Strategy”: as the centrepiece of our discussions around using the Internet as a business tool. While reviewing the article this semester it struck me that Michael Porter’s article and Seth’s “Purple Cow”: are saying exactly the same thing in two entirely different ways. Some people will like the Porter’s theory-heavy bschool way of learning this stuff and others will enjoy Seth’s no-holds-barred, over-the-top analogies and colourful metaphors. (Personally I like both) But the essence of the message is the same – you need to be remarkable in many ways in order to have an advantage these days. The Internet can play a key part in that, but it generally is not the whole story.

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CMA – New Logo, New Site Coming

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I spoke at the “CMA National Convention”: yesterday and really enjoyed myself. The room was packed and I had to fly through the “30 Quick Wins for Any Website”: in about 45 minutes, but I’m hoping that people came away with some solid ideas.

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