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New And Improved Betaville Classifieds Launched

One Degree Contributor Bill Sweetman recently presided over the re-launch of Betaville, a very popular section of one of the websites he owns, MultiMediator. With the relaunch come some interesting changes to the service…

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5 Questions for Bernard Turcotte, President – CIRA

Bernard Turcotte
_CIRA is the not-for-profit organization mandated to operate the dot-ca top-level domain. As President of “Canadian Internet Registration Authority”: (CIRA), Mr. Turcotte is responsible for ensuring that all technical, organizational, and financial goals and processes are in support of CIRA’s mandate._
*One Degree: I understand that you are working with “FUSE Marketing Group”: to develop a marketing strategy to sell people on the idea of registering dot-ca domains. Why did you select FUSE?*
We wanted to give as many firms as possible the opportunity to work with CIRA so we posted an open call for proposals on CIRA’s website and in Marketing Magazine. All the submissions we received from interested parties reflected a great deal of competence and expertise. Our decision was a difficult one, but we selected FUSE because they seemed to have the best understanding of our current needs and corporate direction.
*One Degree: The development of a marketing strategy suggests that marketers aren’t always aware of the value of a dot-ca domain. Why do think is the case?*

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CRM Spending Going Up

I am currently working with a company that is integrating their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and email marketing platforms.
Here are some interesting facts from a recent AMR Research survey (registration may be required for non-clients).
* Expected increase in spending on CRM software from 2005 to 2006: 8.2%
* Companies planning to use “hosted” CRM applications in the next 12 months: 49%

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Should Marketers Use Subscriber Auto-Reply Info?

Let me pose an interesting question to your our ever-faithful One Degree readers:
* If someone on your permission-based e-mail marketing list configures their _old e-mail address which is on your list_ to auto-reply with a message that includes a _new e-mail address you wouldn’t otherwise know_, can you as a marketer safely update your list with this information?
* Would the subscriber expect you to?
* Would you be on solid legal ground in terms of having permission to use this address?
* What might you do to ensure that your subscriber is happy?
* What have you, or would you, personally do in this situation?


Marketing With Moblogs

Blair Witch Project Recreated By Moblogger
First there were blogs. Next, mobile marketing took off. The increasing popularity of moblogs shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.
This amalgamation of blogs and mobile marketing involves publishing blogs from a mobile device and often includes photos taken by camera phone. Moblogs may not seem particularly revolutionary at first glance (they appear, after all, virtually identical to traditional blogs), but some companies are finding them very useful where both promoting their marketing efforts and maintaining customer communication are concerned.

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