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I Love The Bloglines Plumber

The “Bloglines Plumber” just greated me instead of a typical nasty “service unavailable” message.
Come see what he looks like…

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Five Questions For Gurval Caer – CEO Blast Radius

_Gurval Caer is the CEO and President of “Blast Radius”:, an award-winning provider of innovative and profitable customer experiences. Blast Radius, recognized as one of Canada’s 50 best privately managed companies, integrates strategy, technology and design to help global companies better align their sales, marketing and service to the needs of their customers._
*One Degree: Blast Radius is one of Canada’s largest web development shops, yet most of your work is done for non-Canadian firms. Is this a historical fluke, a planned strategy, or coincidence?*
Our strategy from the beginning was to build a business that targeted the Fortune 1000. We believed that they were most likely to possess the resources and vision to truly understand and realize the potential of technology to create a new kind of customer experience. That was our mission from day one.
By starting in Vancouver, we were able to be more cost-effective for the West coast business community and developed relationships with companies like Nike in Portland and Nintendo in Seattle, both of which are still clients today.
Now since we have opened offices in Toronto and Amsterdam, we are also developing strong relationships within Canada and Europe.
*One Degree: We’ve seen web shops attempting to “productize” their intellectual property. Is this a wise strategy or does it have inherent weaknesses?*

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Doubleclick Q1 E-mail Trend Report Available

DoubleClick’s Q1 2005 Email Trend Report has been released and shows some interesting trends in e-mail marketing…

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Five Days to Increase Your Newsletter Subscriptions – Day 5

Promotion is key to building your subscription list. The most obvious way to gain subscribers is to have a subscribe box or link on every page of your site. But do you also need a special offer? For the last day of our series, we take a look at subscription promotion.
Day 5: Subscription Promotion
Do you need to offer a contest to get people to sign up for your newsletter? If you’re a major consumer marketer you seem to from these examples:
CTV’s Insider Newsletter is currently promoting a DVD and CD contest.
Proctor and Gamble’s Home Made Simple site seems to think so, its contest mania! Click over and you could win a some cleaning products and $1000 towards a High Definition TV.

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