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Rick Mercer – Master of Buzz

Rick Mercer “blogs”: How cool is that?
His “hello world”: post Monday morning showed he intended to hit the ground running,
And by Tuesday afternoon he already had my undying respect as a master of buzz.
Check out “Jason Kenney: Marxist Leninist.”: wherein Mercer explains:

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Five Days to Increase Your Newsletter Subscriptions – Day 4

Have you checked your subscription confirmation page and welcome email messages lately? These are your ‘first impression’ opportunities to new subscribers and worth the attention you pay your newsletter, as well as updating on a regular basis. In Day 4 of Five Days to Increasing your Newsletter Subscriptions we look at subscription confirmations, an important contribution to the health of your subscriber list.
Day 4: Subscription Confirmations
The geek side of me comes out some days when I try to figure out who is using what type of email or subscription service, especially when they present a standard form that doesn’t – quite – graphically fit with the rest of the website. Don’t let your technology dictate user experience of your brand! And especially don’t miss out an opportunity by sending a “form letter” as your Welcome message. Business publications are the worst…

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