Clipped: Click! Weekly for May 10, 2005

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Here are this week’s “Direct Marketing News Click! Weekly”: articles:
* “Online will steal more dollars from other media in 2005–Study”:
* “Mississauga company creates new online shopping guide”:
* “Rogers Wireless to offer new music download service directly from and to phones”:
* “24/7 Canada launches 24/7 Search in Canada, opens office here”:
* “Gratis Internet’s offer now available in Canada”: (oh dear)
* “Copernic releases most significant update since launch”:
* “Case study–, private sale real estate marketing company”:
* “Tucows reports strong results for first quarter fiscal 2005”:

Clipped: ClickZ for May 10, 2005

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Here are today’s “ClickZ”: articles:
* “Gear Up for the Talent Wars”: (Mark Kingdon)
* “Evolve Into a Data-Driven Organization, Part 2”: (Jason Burby)
* “Travel Industry Cold-Shoulders Metasearch”: (Hollis Thomases)

Sweepstakes “Robots”

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There seem to be more and more automated sweepstakes entry services popping up and these could radically reduce the value of online sweepstakes for a brand.
These services enter a consumer into hundreds, or thousands, of sweepstakes automatically and the consumer never sees your brand, creative or value proposition! A site like Acuwin charges people a fee to use their service.
Of course these “sweepstake robots” are just the next logical step for sweepstake sites to take.

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Filtered: Links for May 10, 2005

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Here are your pre-filtered online marketing links for May 10, 2005
* “ClickZ News – Display Ads Drive Searches in Yahoo! Case Study”:
* “CMO – Reputable Ads in Disreputable Media, and No One Did Anything Wrong”:
* “Seth Godin – What Every Good Marketer Knows”:
* “ – Talkin’ trash: an e-business success story”:
* “Jupiter Research – Local Online Ad Network Launched by…ABC!”:
* “gapingvoid – why corporate blogging works”:
* “Naked Conversations – Corporate Blog Tip #8 (A link is a gift)”:
* “Twist Image – IAB Canada Quebec Division Holds Special Interactive Marketing Event”:
* “Marketing Vox – Online Agencies in Growing Pains Once More”:

Giftless Links

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“Robert Scoble”: and “Shel Israel”: are writing a book on corporate blogging called “Naked Conversations”. They’re practicing what they preach and using their “Naked Conversations”: Blog (Formerly “the Red Couch”) as a launching pad and test bed for many of the ideas and much of the content in the book.
Scoble just posted “Corporate Blog Tip #8 – A link is a gift”: which had some really great thoughts about the power of linking to others.
I posted a reply pointing out that *we don’t always want to give a gift when we link*. Here’s my comment:

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