AIMS – Inaugural Think Tank Event

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“AIMS”: has just announced the inaugural event in their Think Tank Series will be on April 27, 2005. This is an interesting new twist for AIMS as it is a premium breakfast event.
bq.. Network with your colleagues and hear what the CEO’s of two leading Global Internet Services firms are seeing on the internet horizon. Our panelists include Mark Kingdon, CEO of “Organic”: (from New York) and Canada’s own Gurval Caer, CEO of “Blast Radius”: The session will be moderated by Ken Schafer, President of “Schafer Group”: (and past-president of AIMS) [ed. – and your humble author].
The AIMS Think Tank Series is a breakfast series that brings together Internet thought leaders to discuss the trends, innovations, and technologies that Canadian Internet and Marketing executives need to know. This series is for Directors, VPs and above.
p. You can get “more event details and register”: for this event now.

Filtered: Links for March 29, 2005

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Here is your “hot link action” for March 29, 2005.
* “Doc Searls – Bet On The Snowball”:
* “UIE – Designing Embraceable Change”:
* “Urchin – Google Agrees To Acquire Urchin”: (“via”:
* “The Unofficial Google Weblog – Google Acquires Urchin”:
* “Internet Retailer – US Online Commerce Soars”: (“via”:
* “Kelsey Group – Oodle – Google for Classifieds”: (“via”:
* “For The Love Of Words – Ages of the Blog”: (lots of blog readership stats)

I’m A Happy Customer

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One Degree uses “CampaignMonitor”: to manage its newsletter (you are a subscriber aren’t you?). I love the product and in sending a routine support question to them I happened to gush at them a bit.
My “Bloglines”: “vanity feed” just found that CampaignMonitor “just added me”: to their “Happy Customers/Press”: blog category.
And now that I’ve linked to them, they will in turn see that I’ve linked to them when they next check their vanity feed. “And so it goes.”:

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Is It Time To Drop IE 5.x?

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“37 Signals”: “just announced”: that they will not be supporting Internet Explorer 5.x on their sites anymore. 37 Signals is the company behind the innovative Ta-Da (“mentioned earlier”:, “Basecamp”:, and the soon-to-be-announced “Backpack”:
Most of what 37 Signals does can be considered online applications (they’re drinking the “ajax”: so this move makes sense.
But what about marketers? Is it time for marketing sites to give up on old browsers? What do your stats show? What percent of your marketing site’s traffic comes from IE5.x?

Jigsaw Uses Contacts As Currency

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The New York Times’ “A Service That Aims to Make Cold Calls a Bit Warmer”: gives some interesting background on a new social networking service called “Jigsaw”:
This is an interesting one. I can totally see that the dynamics of the model are great and I am sure they could make a business of this.
Still, I’d be really concerned about the fact that the data they’re trading is someone else’s personal information. Given that the first thing I ask when I’m cold called is “where did you get my name?” and “how did you get my number/e-mail?”, this “valuable information” being shared could end up hurting relations as prospects get creeped out by how they were found.
Also, I really hate that they want to supplement an paid service with ads. Ads don’t belong in every business model and I think pure online services like this dilute their value greatly when they try to make a few extra bucks with banner ads.

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