Bell Canada Improves E-mail First Impression

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That’s a tiny little bit of my inbox you’re looking at. The top e-mail came in tonight while the others came in over the last few months.
As you can see, “Bell Canada”: has finally fixed the “from” and gratuitous subject line personalization they’ve been using for ages. And it seems they’ve realized that not _every_ offer they send deserves an exclamation mark!
*All* of them are better than Bell’s early days when they would use my name – all in lowercase letters – _at the beginning_ of the subject line – the one spot you _knew_ had to be capitalized.

Advergaming – Done right, it works!

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Advergaming is one of the latest techniques being used by marketers to engage consumers and embed their brands into entertaining content.
The appeal of advergaming is that it allows a consumer to interact with a brand in an entertaining way. But what happens when the game isn’t fun? Or what if the game isn’t at all relevant to the brand?
An easy way to measure if a game is fun is to track how long people are playing and how many times they play. Unfortunately, many of the current advergames do not track this information.
And even if people are playing the game, is this enough? If I change the blocks in Tetris to Cheerios are people really going to buy more cereal? Or by playing “Cheerios Tetris” are they learning anything about my brand?
I think advergaming holds lots of potential to engage consumers in a new way. However, in order to capitalize on this potential, brands must embed themselves into games that are relevant, all user interaction must be tracked and the consumers should learn something measurable from the interaction.
Stay tuned for some examples of advergaming that hit and miss the mark.

Clipped: ClickZ for May 9, 2005

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Here are today’s “ClickZ”: articles:
* “Identifying SEO Experts, Part 2: Intermediates”: (Shari Thurow)
* “Back to E-Mail Basics”: (Jeanne Jennings)
* “Online Video Ads: Think Web, Not TV”: (Julian Smith)
* “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Cookies! (Or Do We?)”: (Eric Picard)

Spyware Spitzer’s Next Big Thing?

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Recently I posted on the fact that New York State Attorney General Elliott Spitzer had gone after Intermix, a public company alleged to be using spyware in their marketing efforts (Spyware, Downloads & the Law). Now, as many have thought, it seems that may be just the beginning. In an Associated Press (AP) article today (Will Spyware Be Spitzer’s Next Big Thing?) it seems Spitzer and his staff are determining when, and how, to be most effective…just like they have with mutual fund dealers and insurers. Maybe it’s just about getting everyone to agree what constitutes adware, spyware and malware? That would be a good thing!

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Five Questions For Adrian Capobianco

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Adrian Capobianco
_Adrian Capobianco is VP Interactive at “FUSE”: As Adrian puts it, FUSE is “a marketing agency that is completely focused on creating results for clients – instant and measurable results in the direct, promotions and interactive disciplines”._
*One Degree: So, you’ve been associated with Publicis for quite a few years now. What was the impetus for the change?*
Adrian: The last 4-5 years at Publicis has been a great ride. The move to FUSE was one of those times when a good and interesting opportunity comes along that you have to jump on. From a business perspective, FUSE has a great Management team in place, and great staff. They have a good reputation on the street and a good client roster to back it. The opportunity to be part of the dynamic and growing team to continue and build on the success was a prospect I wanted to be part of.
From a personal perspective it’s an opportunity to do what I’ve done before… be part of the team that is responsible for driving new growth for clients via interactive channels. In this case I get a better chance to more directly drive and lead this growth as part of the management team. This is an opportunity to make FUSE’s interactive practice bigger, more strategic and well engrained with the company’s day-to-day client services. Despite all the talk in the industry about ‘integration’, FUSE truly is integrated in terms of being organized in a manner that provides unbiased promotions, interactive and direct services for clients. At the end of the day, what is best for the client’s business will prevail under FUSE’s business model.
Plus I hear Stephen Brown the SVP and GM has an extensive shoe collection and I just had to find out for myself.

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