Clipped: ClickZ for May 6, 2005

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Here are today’s “ClickZ”: articles:
* “Can Interactive Marketing Save the Post Office?”: (Rebecca Lieb)
* “Banners and Search Merge in Contextual Markets”: (Kevin Lee)
* “Customer Loyalty Versus Self-Service”: (Jack Aaronson)
* “Broadbandcasting”: (Rob Graham)

Filtered: Links for 05-05-05

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Here are your pre-filtered online marketing links for 05-05-05
* “Digital Web Magazine – Web 2.0 for Designers”:
* “CMO Magazine – Lost in Translation”:
* “Software Only – Search Marketing: growing and growing”:
* “Search Engine Watch – What Clicks with Web Searchers”:
* “Forrester – U.S. online marketing forecast: $26 billion by 2010”:
* “Adverblog – A viral movie for BMW”:
* “CMA – Search Engine Marketing – A Primer”:
* “Jupiter Research – Search Engine Marketshare and the Google Accelerator”:
* “ – The fundamental unit of the web”:
* “AdPulp – P+G Goes Beyond ‘Beyond Lame'”:
* “Church of the Customer – Are customers letting your marketing in or shutting it out?”:
* “Creating Passionate Users – Fine-grained treats = user happiness”:
* “Mico Persuasion – Wikipedia’s Impact on PR (Part I)”: (“via”:

Toronto-based Eloqua Gets US Venture Funding

There’s nothing on “their site”: about this yet, but B2BOnline is reporting that Eloqua has landed US$5 Million in venture funding from “JMI Equity Fund”: in San Diego.
bq.. Eloqua Corp., which develops demand generation software, announced the closing of $5 million in venture capital funding from JMI Equity Fund, San Diego:
The funding will be used to expand the company’s sales and marketing efforts and further develop its product line.
Eloqua also announced a new version of Eloqua Conversion Suite software, its demand-generation platform. The new version includes integration with software to fully automate the sales and marketing process.
p. It’s interesting to speculate about Eloqua getting funding from one of the firms that “just acquired DoubleClick”:

Clipped: ClickZ for May 5, 2005

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Here are today’s “ClickZ”: articles:
* “Impressions Count”: (Dave Morgan)
* “The History Channel’s Mobile Marketing Future”: (Tessa Wegert)
* “Go From ‘Yup’ to an E-Mail Dialogue”: (Al DiGuido)

Clipped: ClickZ for May 4, 2005

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Here are today’s “ClickZ”: articles:
* “Behavioral Targeting and Mobile Ad Opportunities”: (Chang Yu)
* “A Closer Look at Pay-Per-Call Search Marketing”: (Chris Sherman)
* “Identify Prospects Who Are Ready to Buy Now”: (Karen Gedney)