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New Contributor – Miss Rogue

After emailing Ken Schafer to take “partial credit”: for “Rick Mercer’s”:, we discussed the possibility of me being a regular contributor to One Degree. I, of course, was delighted and accepted right away.
So, until Ken finds my opinions too controversial, I endeavour to contribute at least one entry per week. I hope to engage One Degree’s loyal readers in lively debate and discussion in regards to the world of online marketing.

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Gone Fishin’

July 1st is a national holiday in Canada. July 4th is in the United States.
It is therefore unlikely you’ll see any posts over the next four days. Regular publication resumes Tuesday morning, bright and early!
Enjoy the sun. Enjoy “Live 8”:

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Recommended: My Favourite Canadian Internet Inventions, eh

As we approach the Canada Day festivities, I thought it would be appropriate to pay tribute to some of my favourite Canadian Internet inventions and innovators.

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