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Clipped: ClickZ for June 10, 2005

Click through for links to ClickZ’s articles for June 10, 2005.

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eBC Cyber-flushed?

For the past three years, Rob Lewis and Sheena Daniels have been the welcoming face of eBC, Small Business BC’s ebusiness advisory service for small business. They have provided freely available, on-demand information and advice about ebusiness for entrepreneurs, built a leading “ebusiness for small business” portal, developed a comprehensive lunchbox seminar series and maintained an informative blog. That all came to an end last month, when Rob’s and Sheena’s contracts were abruptly terminated.

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New Technorati Beta Site Live

Technorati rolled out a preview of the next iteration of their site tonight…

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What Do You Do?

What do you call what you do?
* Internet Marketing
* Online Marketing
* Digital Marketing
* Interactive Marketing
* Marketing
* Or?


AIMS VoIP Event on June 21st in Toronto

“AIMS”: has another event coming up this month called the *The Evolution of Communication* covering VoIP.
Here are the details…

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