Web Event – How to Attack and Dislodge the Larger Competitor

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Eloqua has an online event coming up on April 21st, 2005.
bq.. How do YOU win significant market share from a larger competitor – quickly?
It has been done by companies just like yours. And we can show you how.
Register for this must-attend webinar where competitive-marketing expert Mike Smock, Managing Director of VSENTE, and Mark Organ, founder and CEO of Eloqua will introduce you to ACTIONABLE STRATEGIES for waging and winning battles with key competition.
Gain useful insights into:
* Recognizing and exploiting competitor vulnerabilities.
* Waging and winning battles for market share.
* Integrating your sales and marketing team into a formidable attack engine.
* Wiring your attack engine with simple and powerful technology.
* Developing and executing effective measurable marketing campaigns.
p. This is a free webinar. Attendees will receive a copy of Mike Smock’s Attack Manual (available for $49.99 at www.vsente.com).
“Get details and register here”:http://www.eloqua.com/attackengine

Bloglines Down – Net Junkies Go Outside

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It looks like “Bloglines”:http://www.bloglines.com/ had a major meltdown in their user log-on processes around 3:00AM EDT. I’m reverse engineering this information from a “Technorati”:http://www.technorati.com/ search. At “about 7 hours ago” people are still commenting on what they read via Bloglines, then you start seeing posts with individuals apologizing for blogrolls not working or saying that they won’t be updating their… Read more »