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Evaluating Your Value Proposition

Recently, I worked with a client to review a marketing strategy developed by their agency. The client wasn’t satisfied with the agency’s approach to their business challenges or the value proposition they had created to use in their marketing campaign.
The value proposition had to communicate to the target customer segment(s) why they should buy the product, why it was better than competitive products, and how the company that makes the product is trustworthy and reliable.
As I analyzed the client’s situation, their marketing aspirations, and the agency’s strategic recommendations, it became obvious that the client’s value proposition had not been clearly defined. As a result, the campaign did not position the client’s company or product as being unique. This was a problem because, as we all know, sameness doesn’t sell.

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As far as I’m concerned, you can’t call yourself an Internet marketer unless you’ve spent at least 15 minutes contemplating the output of a “search voyeur” tool like’s SearchSpy.
While there are dozens of more statistically accurate tools out there, such as Wordtracker, that count and rank the millions of searches conducted on the Internet every day, there is no better (or more eye-opening) way to get a sense of how Joe or Jane Public actually conducts searches than a search voyeur tool.

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