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1 In 5 Marketing Messages Don’t Get To The Inbox

_This is a guest contribution by Amanda Maltby._
Are you certain that your e-mail messages are reaching their intended targets? Have you spoken with your ISP about their filtering practices? Do you have a sinking feeling that no matter how many layers of consent you receive from your customers to send them e-mail, they still won’t get your messages?
If you answered no, no and not sure then you’re not alone. As spam continues to clog in-boxes concern related to the deliverability of legitimate e-mail messages rises and the average marketer is caught in the middle.
Good e-mail marketers are already using practices based on permission being obtained prior to an e-mail being sent and an opt-out opportunity being offered in every e-mail message. They do this or risk being labelled a spammer. But even when these practices are followed e-mail often doesn’t reach its intended recipient.


AIMS Email Marketing Event Review

Given I was host and panel moderator of last week’s “AIMS”: event on Email Marketing, this isn’t an unbiased review. However the event did confirm for me that there are still a lot of companies and individuals new to the space and needing some encouragement. Which you can find here on, including the recent post from Stefan Eyram and some how-to’s to come from myself as well.
The event included two speakers from an agency [InBox Marketing Inc.] and a vendor [ThinData], followed by an email marketer’s panel. Here are some of the tips that were shared.

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