Clipped: Click! Weekly for April 12, 2005

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Here are this week’s “Direct Marketing News Click! Weekly”: articles:
* “Canadian online pharmas benefit from US attitudes”:
* “Bricks and mortar retailers starting to lag behind?”:
* “Are consumers resigning themselves to spam?”:
* “AOL picks DoubleClick”:
* “Canadian auction site launches”:
* “Seeking answers to click fraud”:
* “Canadian company launches flower search engine”:
* “NetIQ sells WebTrends to private equity fund”:
* “Web analytics leader announces upgrade”:
* “7 response killing techniques to avoid”:

Clipped: ClickZ for April 12, 2005

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Here are today’s “ClickZ”: articles:
* “Barriers to Using Web Analytics Data for Optimization”: (Jason Burby)
* “What’s Your Analysis-to-Emotion Ratio?”: (Mark Kingdon)
* “Prepping Online Advertising Newbies”: (Hollis Thomases)

Split Personality Newsletters

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“Ken”: recently “commented”: on the announcement of a new newsletter, which has since launched, and he forwarded me the new and old newsletters to review. How does their new effort measure up? Let’s take a look, as has provided some great new information to its customers, but like most second generation newsletter efforts may be trying to do too much.
The first edition of the newsletter was fairly straight forward, very clean, and a lot of content, including sales offers and Webnames news:
The revamped “From the Server Room” has a great new name (though it might not appeal to all their customers) and a clean and pleasing design, but as its welcome copy states, it may be trying to be all things to all people – and therefore missing the mark.
You can “view the entire newsletter”: at their site.

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Clipped: ClickZ for April 11, 2005

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Here are today’s “ClickZ”: articles:
* “Meta-Tag Optimization Tips”: (Shari Thurow)
* “Beyond Click-Through: Measuring Online Advertising’s Wider Effect”: (Julian Smith)
* “Know More About Your E-Mail Subscribers”: (Jeanne Jennings)
* “Frequency Distribution and Fruit”: (Eric Picard)

Observed: Phishers Can’t Spell (Yet)

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I’ve yet to be duped by a fraudulent email scam, despite the fact that the email con artists are getting better at their ‘trade’ all the time. My secret weapon? I can spell.
Is it just me, or does every single phishing email contain at least one spelling or grammatical error? Whenever I’m trying to determine if a message is legitimate or not, the appearance of a typo is usually the most obvious sign that the message is bogus.
Don’t these criminal ‘masterminds’ proof their messages before they send them out? Don’t they take pride in their work? If they’re going to break the law and wreak havoc around the world, shouldn’t they at least know proper punctuation?
Seriously, phishers are getting so good at what they are doing that it really is getting hard to distinguish the legitimate emails from the fraudulent ones. Which is why reputable email marketers must be extra vigilant in their own quality assurance process. Right now, the only thing separating your legitimate email campaign from a fraudulent one could be the correct placement of an apostrophe.
Heaven help us when the phishers discover spellcheckers!