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Sweepstakes “Robots”

There seem to be more and more automated sweepstakes entry services popping up and these could radically reduce the value of online sweepstakes for a brand.
These services enter a consumer into hundreds, or thousands, of sweepstakes automatically and the consumer never sees your brand, creative or value proposition! A site like Acuwin charges people a fee to use their service.
Of course these “sweepstake robots” are just the next logical step for sweepstake sites to take.


Giftless Links

“Robert Scoble”: and “Shel Israel”: are writing a book on corporate blogging called “Naked Conversations”. They’re practicing what they preach and using their “Naked Conversations”: Blog (Formerly “the Red Couch”) as a launching pad and test bed for many of the ideas and much of the content in the book.
Scoble just posted “Corporate Blog Tip #8 – A link is a gift”: which had some really great thoughts about the power of linking to others.
I posted a reply pointing out that *we don’t always want to give a gift when we link*. Here’s my comment:

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Bell Canada Improves E-mail First Impression

Bell Canada has updated the “From” and “Subject” on their promotional e-mail messages. Take a look at…

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