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Customization – You Know It’s Good For You..But!

One of my clients is on a limited budget and sends email once a month to sell their products and usually chooses to send a group message with multiple products per message. This can work very well if you are selling small ticket items such as books, DVDs or apparel, but in B-B, targeting is everything. How can you customize and stick to a small budget?

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Spyware’s reach…and the effect on marketers

In the summer issue of IT Business Report I recently read some interesting stats about malware such as spyware and adware. Forrester Research reports that 17% of enterprises it surveyed say their systems are infected with spyware! However, only 60% of those infected really knew if they were infected or not.
And what’s worse, eTrust security management says that 40% of calls to help desks are related to spyware!

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Learned: Don’t Fixate on Brand Names When Doing SEO

Sometimes I feel my real job title is Professional Bubble Burster. This week I had to burst the bubble of a company that wanted their Website to rank “number one in Google” for a particular phrase. Sounds like an innocent enough request, right?
So why was I compelled to give this company a mini-lecture on the realities of search engine optimization (SEO)? Because the phrase they wanted to be “number one in Google” for is so common (let’s pretend it was “box open” and the company makes boxes) that it already exists on over 65 million Web pages indexed by Google!

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Why Put Bad Video On Your Site?

I’m continually amazed by the poor quality of video that many otherwise professional companies are willing to showcase on their websites. The same companies that demand high-end web graphics think any fool with a dv camera can capture good images.
Take the home page of 4:AM Group. This Vancouver-based design firm has delivered some really nice creative for some good clients. I respect their work. So I’m completely stymied by their use of home video on the Web site.

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