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What is the State of Affiliate Marketing

I’ve long felt that Affiliate programs were one of the better ways for retailers large and small to increase their reach. At the same time, affiliate programs offer a great way for content publishers to generate revenue from contextually relevant advertising.


Is the Advertising Industry in Chaos?

In the April 4, 2005 print issue of Advertising Age Bob Garfield introduces his “Chaos Theory”: (reg. req.d) for the advertising industry. This theory is based on the effects of the digital media revolution and what it is doing to advertising as we have known it. In the article Garfield opines on how the traditional advertising world is pretty much ignoring the big changes in marketing. He also makes it clear that the new digital technologies are not yet able to take over from the the declining media channels like television. Garfield’s argument is that there is a disconnect between the old and the new and the lack of a clear bridge from one to the other will greatly, and negatively, affect the marketing business, the overall economy and, possibly, American society. Do you agree?

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