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If you are at all interested in Internet marketing in Canada, we would of course love it if you (ahem) made One Degree your homepage (ahem).
Failing that, we’ve just changed up the design of the site a bit to make the e-mail and feed subscription links a little easier to find. They are now near the top of the navigation bar at left on every page for you subscribing convenience.
If you have already given us your e-mail address for updates, fear not – we haven’t lost it. We’re launching e-mail next week.
Feeds have been in place since day one and we think you’ll get more timely information that way, but if you are just looking for weekly highlights, e-mail updates are the way to go.
In any case, hope to see you again soon!

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HBC’s Michael LeBlanc Moves to CanWest Global

Just got word that Michael LeBlanc has left Hudson’s Bay Company and will be taking a new role as General Manager/Director – Shopping at CanWest Interactive. Here’s his brief announcement:

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Five Questions For Seth Godin

Seth Godin is the popular author of seven bestselling books including the just published “All Marketers Are Liars”: He also produces a widely read “blog”: and e-books like “Knock Knock”: .
*One Degree: For online marketers, I think of your books as the “big five” (“Permission Marketing”:, “Unleashing the Ideavirus”:, “Purple Cow”:, “Free Prize Inside”:, and now “All Marketers are Liars”: But Permission Marketing was written over six years ago. When you look back at the earlier books, do you feel they still hold true or would you have written them differently knowing what you know now?*
Seth: I think I would have been more cynical. Permission Marketing was right on, but I couldn’t imagine how fast spam would spread or how hard it would be to eradicate. Unleashing the Ideavirus was practical and accurate, but people hurried to take advantage of honest person to person networks.

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Impression Spam Worries Google Advertisers: ClickZ

Spam is a luncheon meat. It is part of a Monty Python skit. Spam is also the dirge of email marketing. Lately it has come up as a term, and problem, in areas such as SMS (text messaging) and now even Google!

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