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More Reasons Not To Use Pop-up Ads

Jakob Nielsen’s “Most Hated Advertising Techniques”: provides some hard data on what many of us have known for a while now – aggressive online ads…

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Google Likes Dashes More Than Underscores

One of the things mentioned at the SXSW “How To Trick-out Your Blog”: session was that Google seems to like dashes a bit more than underscores in URLs.
I’ve since found some discussion that seems to confirm this:
* “Overstated”:
* “Mark Carey”:
* “Phil Ringnalda”:
* “WebPro News”:
I seriously doubt that the impact of the switching from underscores to dashes is significant enough to warrant changing current URLs (and generating a sea of broken links that kind of defeat the purpose), but for new sites it makes sense to use dashes instead of underscores.

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Ta-da Theater

I love “Ta-Da List”:, an online “to do” list that “37 Signals”: created to promote their equally wonderful “Basecamp”: online project management app.

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