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Subway To  Dough Promotion
Subway is running a limited access promotion at “Way To Dough”:
The promotion is doubly limited because only stores in Atlantic Canada, Alberta, Eastern Ontario, Northern Ontario and Saskatchewan are participating and you need a game card from a participating store to enter.

The contest is being promoted through TV and radio spots that prompt consumers to visit a store to get a game card that can in turn be used on the site to enter.
“Marketing Daily”: (sub req’d) recently said the promotion “offers players the chance to build their own toasted sandwich to win food or cash prizes. The campaign is designed to raise brand awareness and drive traffic to participating Subway restaurants…”
The promotion was put together by “Venture Communications”: in Calgary.
What do we think of this strategy? Is the value in driving consumers in-store, or in the database they’ll build from the site? Does running the contest online vs. just doing a scratch and win in-store or via mail-in increase participation, or are there other advantages?

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2 thoughts on “Subway Offline to Online Promotion

  1. jan Cardinal

    I would appreciate a Montreal Smoked Meat on a Rye Sub,with dijon mustard,or honey mustard-of course all the great fresh vegetables, with more variety of cheeses,craem cheese would be awesome.
    Subway has always been our family’s choice for a healthy lunch for our children and family.

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