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In the news … October 16, 2018

Digital customer acquisition a missing part in Canada’s industrial strategy There is a massive change happening everywhere around the world in businesses of all kinds.…

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In the news … September 4, 2018

People Found All the Creative Ways to Fix The Apple Event Invitation Invites were sent out confirming the important event’s date as Wednesday, September 12,…

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Super Bowl Ads – Yea or Nay?

By Peter Mosley One of my perennial favorites is the USA Today Ad Meter – Looks like we have a tie, And damned if I…

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When The Consumer Changes The Way She Buys, Should You Change The Way You Sell?

By Dereck Lackey  eMarketer writes “ Are Impersonal Messages Hurting Your Online Messages”, exhibiting some research that reveal online tactics that marketers are using. According…

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A Brand Discussion. Clint? Do you feel sloppy Punk? Well, do ya?

This has been really bugging me for a week.

As a back story, I am an avid golfer. I also get Golf Digest every month and in the recent issue was a full-page ad for Pebble Beach Resorts. Now, if you golf you know Pebble Beach. The Holy Grail of golf. The Vatican of Golf! Also I was with a company a while back that did the branding for PB. Kind of proud of that!

It is certainly on my bucket list for golf courses that I want to play. Not that I envision ever having the $500 US it takes to play the course, of course ONLY if you stay at the resort at – oh, call it $500 a night++.