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In the news … September 4, 2018

People Found All the Creative Ways to Fix The Apple Event Invitation Invites were sent out confirming the important event’s date as Wednesday, September 12,…

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Write like you talk–only better

Pen-to-paper I love to talk. I'll bet you do too.

Like me, you've probably talked ever since you were about two years old.

I enjoy writing as well, but often it's not as much fun. I have to think harder and remember lots of facts and rules. With many of my clients, I sometimes have to write corporate missives that sound like they're on life support.

Worse still, writing can be lonely, just me and my computer.

That all started to change, though, when I wrote speeches for politicians.


Blogging: write what you don’t know

By Liz Hover I was talking with a friend today, who said something very interesting about blogging. So interesting, in fact, that I hadn’t realized…

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Blogging: What is a “Trackback”?

The idea of great tech writing isn't to take something complex and make it simple, it is to take something complex and make it simple…

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