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Month: February 2005

Subway Offline to Online Promotion

Subway To  Dough Promotion
Subway is running a limited access promotion at “Way To Dough”:
The promotion is doubly limited because only stores in Atlantic Canada, Alberta, Eastern Ontario, Northern Ontario and Saskatchewan are participating and you need a game card from a participating store to enter.


Canadian Marketers Who Blog

Recently I asked the “AIMS”: Discussion List what blogs by Canadian online marketers they read.
Here’s the list they came up with in the order they arrived in my inbox:

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Marketer of the Year with No Online Strategy?

Marketing Magazine “recently named”: Tim Hortons as their 2004 Marketer of the Year.
Admittedly, Timmy’s has done a great job with their offline branding and the company is a success. But their “web site”: is pedestrian and for a company that outsells McDonalds in Canada ($2.5 billion to $2.28 billion) I would suggest slightly embarrassing. And I don’t think they have #ever# done any serious online marketing (“correct me” if I’m wrong).

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Hello World!

Yes, *”Hello World!”* The very first post to a new blog is always tough, so, rather than ponder endlessly on the definitive first post, we’ll…

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