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Battle of the Titans – Direct Mail vs. E-mail

On April 28th “DMAT”: will be hosting “Direct Marketing Unwrapped” featuring DM veteran Marilyn Stewart and online insurgent (and One Degree commenter) Peter Mosley.
Here’s the scoop:
bq.. The Battle of the Titans – Direct Mail vs. E-mail featuring Marilyn Stewart and Peter Mosley.
If you’re constantly challenged with answering the question: When do you use direct mail and when do you use email? This could be the seminar for you.
Marilyn Stewart begins the morning with a brief overview of the strengths of direct mail and then the podium is turned over to Peter Mosley.
Get on the Cluetrain! This presentation helps introduce the theories, the essence and the secrets to online success as it relates to *direct*.
Then we┬╣ll wrap up the morning with the Top 5 Tips to maximise your budget, your customer relationships and that ever important, ROI. This will be an interactive session designed to examine the advantages and disadvantages of these two popular direct marketing tactics.
p. Full seminar details, speaker bios, and registration information can be found “on the DMAT site”:

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