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New to Blogs? Start Here.

Over the last four years blogs have become a central part of my online existence (and hence my existence). This makes it hard to remember that the majority of Net users (let alone the general population) has any idea what a blog is. Apologies if I’ve been presumptuous.
The important thing is that you _do_ need to know what blogs are all about because they are absolutely changing the foundations of how we work and play right beneath our feet.
If you want to get up-to-speed on blogs and their impact on culture and business, I’d suggest you hit the newsstands and pick up the “May 2nd edition”: of “Business Week”:
The magazine has a great articles that explain what blogging is plus sidebars with tips, a case study, etc. It’s particularly interesting that the main article is written “blog-style” (or at least a close approximation of same).

Here are direct links to the online versions:
* “Blogs Will Change Your Business”:
* “New York’s Real Estate Know-It-All”:
* “Six Tips for Corporate Bloggers”:
* “Stonyfield Farm’s Blog Culture”:
* “Blogging: A Primer”:
* “Blogspotting (BusinessWeek’s new (real) blog)”:
Without meaning to nitpick, the article, while written as a blog, is presented in chronological order and to me the fact that blog posts are displayed newest to oldest is crucial. Of course in print this format would have been a disaster, so the authors are forgiven.
If you _are_ new to all this, what questions do you have about blogs and their impact on business? Do you think this is all hype or do you clearly see why this is different from what came before? My guess is you have to live in the blogosphere for a little while to see why this changes everything (yes, again).

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