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Recommended: 12 Questions You Must Ask Before Doing SEO

Thinking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your Website? Before you go to the trouble and expense, here are 12 questions you must ask of yourself and any SEO vendor you are considering engaging to do the work:

# What are your timing expectations? When do you hope to see results? And (if dealing with a SEO vendor) what have you been promised in the way of timing?
# How do you plan to measure the return on investment of this tactic? (What are your specific and measurable objectives?)
# Are you aware of the technical, design, and content changes that you will need to make to your Website?
# What specific tactics you or the SEO vendor will use?
# Are these tactics legal now? Are you sure?
# Are these tactics going to be legal 3 months from now?
# Have you been guaranteed by the SEO vendor that the tactics are legal?
# Have you been made aware of the ‘risks’ of SEO?
# What will the SEO vendor do if you get blacklisted from the search engines?
# Does the SEO vendor offer some sort of overall performance guarantee?
# Will the SEO vendor provide you with ongoing support or is this a one-time effort?
# What sort of reporting will be provided to you? What, and how often?
When done right, Search Engine Optimization can be a powerful tactic. But if you aren’t satisfied with your – or the vendor’s – answers to these questions, you may want to think twice about what you are getting yourself into.

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