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Filtered: Links for April 28, 2005

Here are your pre-filtered online marketing links for April 28, 2005
* “Canoe – Sears Canada streamlines online shopping with Amazon”:
* “GlobeTehnology – Sears drafts to beef up e-sales”:
* “ClickZ News – Google Turns Attention to RSS”:
* “ClickZ News – Google’s CPM Ads Meet Lukewarm Reception”:
* “B2B Online – The deliverability dilemma”:
* “B2B Online – Question: Which is more effective, a blog or an e-newsletter?”:
* “Wired – Ads That Know What You Want”:,1272,67365,00.html
* “SerachEngineWatch – Worthless Shady Criminals: A Defense Of SEO”:
* “Micropersuasion – Wikipedia’s Impact on PR (Part I)”:
* “Marketing Vox – Email Marketing Doing Better Than Expected”:
* “Searchblog – Yahoo Launches MyWeb Beta”:

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