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Deliverability: AOL Treats Emergency E-Mail As Spam

Email is a great way to communciate. That was what the Indian River County, FL emergency coordinator thought. Until he found the county’s emergency email announcements flagged as spam by AOL (AOL Treats Fla. Emergency E-Mails As Spam).
The emergency coordinator was, and is, right. Email is a great way to commnunicate, especially when you have information that has to reach a lot of people very quickly. But sending a lot of email, whether it is to the county’s 4,200 subscribers or to a large corporation’s database of over 1 million recipients, requires some planning to ensure the messages get through.
What lesson did he learn?

It’s not just about having a server, bandwidth and software when it comes to sending email. You have to ensure your email is delivered to intended recipients. This is true whether you are sending marketing email or public service announcements.
The best way to start off is to use a reputable email deployment partner. This can be a full-service email “agency” or one of the many web-based self-serve solutions. The good ones will have deliverability optimization programs in place including the latest technology and security measures required by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as AOL, Microsoft’s Hotmail, Yahoo and others. They will also be on the white lists (approved or safe sender lists) managed by each ISP.
There are many other things to consider when it comes to email deliverability. For more information read “7 Tips For Getting Your Marketing E-mail Opened”:
If you want recommendations on good email marketing vendors (also called Email Service Providers or ESPs) please post a reply and provide details of your needs. The One Degree contributors will gladly provide recommendations based on first-hand experience.

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