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Google Down?

I can’t say that I’ve *ever* received that error message without finding out it was my fault but right now I’m showing “Google”: down but everything else online seems to be working fine.
“Gmail”: is down right now too.
Hmm. Is it just me? How long ’til withdrawl sets in?
_Update 1: Looks like it’s not just me. Posts are starting to “show up at Technorati”: It also appears that Adsense ads are down. I just checked “Fred Wilson’s A VC”: and there are no ads showing._
_Update 2: Was down, isn’t now._
_Update 3: “Om Malik says Google was hacked”: but it may be more accurate to say “hijacked” if this was in fact a DNS issue._
_Update 4: “More reports”: that Google’s DNS was temporarily hijacked. The linked post shows the reported whois during the attack. Google registers domains through “”: and their WHOIS is currently showing correct information._
_Update 5: “This comment at Engadget”: seems to clear up why some people were reporting Google being replaced by other sites and why some people thought that whois was showing that Google and other sites were being hijacked. At this point (late Saturday) it seems that it was a temporary hiccup in the DNS and the odds are remote that it was anything nefarious. Still, this seems like *exactly* the time that the “Google Blog”: should have been working overtime to avert a snowballing of misinformation._

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  1. alex
    alex May 7, 2005

    World’s GDP is dropping !! (hmm… websearch is back)

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