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Advergaming – Done right, it works!

Advergaming is one of the latest techniques being used by marketers to engage consumers and embed their brands into entertaining content.
The appeal of advergaming is that it allows a consumer to interact with a brand in an entertaining way. But what happens when the game isn’t fun? Or what if the game isn’t at all relevant to the brand?
An easy way to measure if a game is fun is to track how long people are playing and how many times they play. Unfortunately, many of the current advergames do not track this information.
And even if people are playing the game, is this enough? If I change the blocks in Tetris to Cheerios are people really going to buy more cereal? Or by playing “Cheerios Tetris” are they learning anything about my brand?
I think advergaming holds lots of potential to engage consumers in a new way. However, in order to capitalize on this potential, brands must embed themselves into games that are relevant, all user interaction must be tracked and the consumers should learn something measurable from the interaction.
Stay tuned for some examples of advergaming that hit and miss the mark.

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