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Deliverability Biggest Challenge for Canadian E-mail Marketers

Today I read another article on email deliverability. This one has a more Canadian slant. Basically the Direct Marketing News article “Deliverability is biggest challenge facing legitimate email marketers in Canada” suggests up to 50% of all marketing emails never get through. They use a good postal email analogy that simply underscores what deliverability is.
I dispute the generalization of the 50% figure when you are using reputable email service providers (ESPs) that have proper relationships with major Internet Service Providers. However, I will agree it is possible to have 50% of your email blocked.
What can you do?

I recently posted another piece that covered deliverability ( 7 Tips For Getting Your Marketing E-mail Opened) but here is another important tip:
*Test, test, test.* Along with the other tips this is extremely important. The DMN article suggests you seed your lists and do testing before blowing your budget on email list rentals. Whether you are renting a third-party list or sending to your own database, all companies using email as a marketing tool should ensure they, or their ESP, have accounts with the top ISPs. This must include Microsoft’s Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. If your list is comprised mainly of Canadian email recipients you can still expect a great deal of these email addresses plus you have to look at the other ISPs such as telcos (Bell Sympatico and Telus), the cable companies (Rogers, Shaw, Cogeco, etc.) and others.
I tend to believe that good email marketers are likely averaging around 80% deliverability – or 20% non-deliverable marketing email. This comes from a recent study by ReturnPath. I have heard directly from marketers who have had over 98% deliverability (audited by a third party) and those who have had less than 10% (it seemed the IP address of the server used to send the emails ended up being on many black lists).
By following the these tips and staying on top of the factors affecting deliverability you can expect better-than-average rates for your own programs.
What are you doing to optimize your email marketing efforts? Are you measuring deliverability? Have you used any outside resource to “officially” measure your email deliverability rate?

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