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Preference Centres and Preference Pages

Today I read an article on email preferences in the E-Zine IQ newsletter from Chief Marketer. In “Preferences Prove Profitable” Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop provides a good overview of the WHY and HOW of giving subscribers the ability to tailor your email communications to them.
Preference centres or preference pages are a great way to segment customers and prospects alike. However, many email marketers do not use these tools properly. In addition, even if they capture preferences they are not effectively adapting their emails to this valuable information.

With permission-based relationships, one-size-fits-all email is not a lot better than mass marketing. Sure you can track who does what after they get your emails, however, you are not optimizing the relationship by increasing and optimizing relevance, a key to driving conversion.
To optimize email marketing relationships you must be increasingly relevant. Therefore you must make sure you get the right content to the right people…and at the right time.
Some ways to do this include:
* Using preferences to segment recipients for different email communications by category, application, product, region, etc.
* Delivering the most relevant and effective offers to the right targets, optimized based on success with previous offers to similar profiles
* Targeting recipients with the most relevant content in an email using personalization and dynamic content
Preference centres are the key to optimized email communications. You can learn what people are interested in, what they want, when they want it and more. Many successful email marketers use registration pages, preference centres, surveys and other tools to build a detailed profile of their consumer customers and prospects. This includes learning about category and product usage, brand preferences, shopping basket profiles and more.
If you have a good story on the effective use of preferences in email and online marketing please share it with us by commenting to this post or email me at

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  1. June Macdonald
    June Macdonald May 11, 2005

    I agree with Stefan, and previously noted how surprised I was to find out how many marketers are not even familiar with the concept of a preference centre.
    Seems there are those who still don’t get that trying to send people information that they won’t be interested in is a waste of money. They will either unsubscribe or simply throw your messages out — or worse, will send complaints to their ISP you are a spammer and affect your delivery rates.
    Spread the word: permission really works!

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