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CMA – New Logo, New Site Coming

I spoke at the “CMA National Convention”: yesterday and really enjoyed myself. The room was packed and I had to fly through the “30 Quick Wins for Any Website”: in about 45 minutes, but I’m hoping that people came away with some solid ideas.

The new CMA logo
I guess the buzz at the reception last night was how I “dissed” the CMA at their own convention. I _did_ in fact use the “CMA home page”: as an example of a site that doesn’t make the “next action” entirely obvious. It’s true, so I don’t feel bad for saying it, and because I knew that they are working on improving it, I didn’t think they’d mind helping others learn from their experience. That’s what the CMA is all about really. Hopefully they’ll have me back even though I’ve proved myself an ingratious guest.
In any case, this morning they revealed their new minimalist logo, and if you go to their site now you’ll see a splach page (oh dear) that shows what the site will look like very soon (big improvement).

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