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AIMS VoIP Event on June 21st in Toronto

“AIMS”: has another event coming up this month called the *The Evolution of Communication* covering VoIP.
Here are the details:
bq.. In the world of telecommunications, change is the only constant. The growth of Voice-Over IP is a prime example. VoIP is no longer the future. It is the present. In this no-holds barred presentation we’ll uncover the opportunities – and the pitfalls.
We know that VoIP is dramatically altering the world of telecommunications. But, what does this mean for corporate customers? For consumers? What are the opportunities for marketers and business partners? Join us on June 21st to find out.
We’ve learned from experience that technology has to offer more than just hype. That’s why this session will also discuss how well VoIP works, how prevalent it will become, and how it will reach out to other forms of communications. Which companies will take the lead? And, perhaps more importantly, how do digital marketers take advantage of this new medium?
Our session features prominent experts in the industry, including:
Michael Lank
Director of Marketing, Managed VoIP Solutions, TELUS
Steven Koles
General Manager, Netscape and AOL Enhanced Services, AOL Canada Inc.
Roberta J. Fox
Senior Partner, FOX GROUP
p. You can “find out more and register here”: Note the new location at UP on John Street in Toronto’s entertainment district.
It will be interesting to see how they bring this around to Internet Marketing as I’ve always thought of VoIP as an infrastructure issue rather than a marketing tool.