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Filtered: Links for June 10, 2005

Here are your pre-filtered online marketing links for June 10, 2005
* “MarketingSherpa – 54% of Permission Emailers Are Filtered as Spammers: Including AOL News, Wal-Mart, IBM and the Feds”:
Who’s dealing with measuring deliverablity in Canada?
* “Many 2 Many – Wikipedia, Authority, and Astroturf”:
Is spam inevitable in every open system?
* “GlobeTechnology – Toon cachet”:
Ode to Strong Bad and the other Homestar Runner characters.
* “Search Engine Marketing Blog – AdSense Introduces New Ad Unit Formats”:
Super skinny text ads. I’m having trouble figuring out how Google thought they’d be used.
* “Excessive Voice – How to Increase Email Conversion Rates”:
Three copywriting tips